Leonard von Brenndorff is a designer for spatial and visual communication. His work explores and emphasizes the transformation processes of urban spaces and its inhabitants.

His constructions and visuals are rooted in the local condition and thrive to connect and empower people. Do it yourself, Improvisation & Skillshare are key to his design practice. Originally a trained carpenter, he now links social design and traditional craft with illustration and graphic design to enable communication for desirable changes.

As an active member of the minha galera collective and co-founder of minhafaktur and noplace, he works within a wide network of collaborators. Due to the intensive work in collective structures and the multitude of self-initiated projects, his expertise expands to the organization and guidance of group dynamic work processes.

Feel free to get in touch for commissioned work: mail@leonardvonbrenndorff.com

Depending on the client, he also works with his business partner Johannes Mechler. Together they are known as the design studio 22MB.

“Every seminar, whether practical or theoretical, gained considerably from his participation (…) his solidary commitment to others is one of his most distinctive characteristics.”
– Dr. Bettina Beltz

Noplace, Follerstraße 82, 50676 Köln

Social & Concept Design, Transformation strategies & management,
Spatial & Exhibition Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Hand Lettering

“Imagine the City” Summer School
August 2023, TH Köln
“Was bleibt? (Un-)Sicherheiten im Raum” Project Course 2023, ecosign

2017–2022 BA Sustainable Design, ecosign / Cologne Germany
2014–2016 Carpenter Training, Lösch / Kist Germany

TH Köln, Kulurraummanagement Stadt Köln, Caritas, Urbane Liga, cypher, phonovision, Diphthong.art e.V., Unser Ebertplatz, Tag des guten Lebens, Voelkel, ökoRAUSCH Festival, Designatics, Metabolon

2023 Passagen, Interior Design Week Köln
2023 Artbay, Kunsthalle Lindenthal
2022 NOPLACE – progressive working community and interdisciplinary open space, Kölner Design Preis, MAKK
2022 430NM Gallery Hallmackenreuther
2022 Ein Entwurf kooperativen Widerstands, Book Launch, noplace
2020 Amorphous, Ecohopping, minhafaktur 
2020 Exibition Design + We Are Strong – Kölnberg, Ökorausch, MAKK
2019 Voelkel X Müllbel, Super Fashion Markt, MAKK
2019 Sugar Boulevard, minha galera, Hasenkaule
2018 Gewöhnliche Dinosaurier, Übermaß im Mittelmaß, Niehler Freiheit

2022 Award Winner Kölner Design Preis
2022 Final 300 iF Design Young Talent Award
2022 Prüfungswettbewerb BA Sustainable Design (1.)
2020 Auszeichnung Ausstellungsarchitektur ökoRAUSCH
2020 WDR Kinderrechtspreis 
2016 Prüfungswettbewerb der HWK (1.)
2016 Die Gute Form