leonard von brenndorff (alias leo le bot) is a transformation designer and visual artist based in cologne. His work explores and emphasizes the various transformations of the modern society on universal medium. Originally a trained carpenter, he now links product design and traditional craft with illustration and graphic design to create desirable and sustainable changes in human behavior and form. As an active member of the minha galera collective and co-founder of noplace, he works within a wide network of collaborators.

office @ noplace, Follerstraße 82, 50676 CGN
workshop @ minhafaktur, Poller Kirchweg 124, 51105 CGN

2022 Ein Entwurf kooperativen Widerstands, noplace
2020 Amorphous, Ecohopping, minhafaktur 
2020 Exibition Design + We Are Strong – Kölnberg, Ökorausch, MAKK
2019 Voelkel X Müllbel, Super Fashion Markt, MAKK
2019 Sugar Boulevard, minha galera, Hasenkaule
2018 Gewöhnliche Dinosaurier, Übermaß im Mittelmaß, Niehler Freiheit

Studienstipendium Kölner Gymnasial & Stiftungsfonds 

2022 Prüfungswettbewerb BA Sustainable Design (1.)
2020 WDR Kinderrechtspreis 
2020 Prüfungswettbewerb der HWK (1.)
2019 Die Gute Form 

2017–2022 BA Sustainable Design, Alanus / Cologne Germany
2014–2016 Carpenter Training, Lösch / Kist Germany

Social & Concept Design, Sustainability strategies & management
Product & Collectible Design, Interior & Exhibition Design
Identity building, Illustration

Key tools
Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, XD
Wood– / Metal– & Textileworking, Screenprinting
Analog & digital Illustration